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2nd hand Trailers for sale - FSBO (For Sale By Owner):

We sell imported and locally built pre-owned food Trailers. These food trailers are sold by their owners(FSBO - for sale by owner), directly to you.
Currently we only sell trailers that are in South Africa, Lesotho or Swaziland.
All paperwork and transfer of funds will be between you and the seller directly. We DO NOT get involved and only allow the seller to advertise their trailer on our website for a small commission. (You should see the ones we reject to only bring you working units...)

To sell YOUR used vending trailer or to view used vending trailers for sale:
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2nd Pre-owned vending trailer - Used food trailers for sale :

New and Used food trailers for sale or if you want to buy or sell your food vending trailer via our classified ads.

SOLD - 2de handse Blou koswaentjie
Fully functional food vending trailer -
Gas double deepfryers - go anywhere and no electric problems
(We wil give you a Free Spiral Potato cutter when you buy this preowned veding trailer from this website)
Electric light and deep freezer. (Boiling table removed to insert freezer).
Gas griller with griddle plate.
Loose items included - confirm with Anel and David when you view the trailer.
Price only : SOLD - send us an email for the contact details.
Can be viewed in Nigel, Johannesburg

Photo: 2de handse blou koswaentjie - 2nd hand blue food trailerPhoto: gazebo en tafel buite kos waentjie - gazebo and table outside food trailer

Photo: 2nd Hand trailer with deep freezer - vrieskas in 2de handse kos trailer Trailer can be viewed in Nigel, just outside Johannesburg, going past Carnival City. Kos waentjie - 2de hands - pre-owned food trailer

Never buy a trailer unseen ALWAYS Confirm prices and other paperwork before handing over any funds.  


  • Aartappel spiraal snyer - Potato spiral cutter (Create your own 'chipstix trailer' and call it whatever you like.
    Home Business Ingredients: One trailer, one stainless/aluminium spiral potato 'rotate' cutter and as much deep-fryers as you can fit into the trailer - and there you have a business - without paying 1 cent for franchise fees).

    3 x 1 Division Bain Mairies.
    Fully equipped with a stainless steel interior.
    Gas - go anywhere and no electric problems
    Typical usage where pre-cooked meals are served - like at funerals, outside industrial companies etc.
    Price sold for: R21,000 - Benoni, Johannesburg.

    Photo: 3 Division Bain Marie trailer layout - 2nd hand pre-owned trailer

    2nd Hand trailer - Right hand view Trailer based in Johannesburg Pre-Owned food trailer - Bain Marie unit

    Never buy a trailer unseen    


    SOLD - NOT AVAILABLE anymore - 2nd hand trailer
    Fully functional chipstix franchise trailer -
    Gas double deepfryers - go anywhere and no electric problems
    25L to 30L fryers are big enough so the oil temp don't drop when you add the spiral potatoes
    Typical usage - events where you have kids, we all love these spiral skewered potatoes.
    Battery operated Chipstix cutter - franchise chip on stix models
    NO franchise fees on the name
    Price sold for 2nd hands: R47,500.
    Henley on Klip, Alberton, Johannesburg

    Photo: chipstix trailer - 2nd hand pre-owned trailer Photo: chipstix trailer - franchised electric chipstix machine

    2nd Hand trailer - back view Used Trailer SOLD Pre-Owned food trailer -Double deep fryer unit

    Never buy a trailer unseen ALWAYS Confirm prices and other paperwork before handing over any funds.  


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  • Trailers available accross the globe

    Shop around - get ideas

    Trailer facts to ponder.


    Health regulations:
    Please confirm where the trailer worked before and if a hawkers license is available with the trailer.
    Keep your unit clean, think about it.....Will you buy food at a filthy unit? See this as YOUR mobile food business, so if the unit you want to buy 2nd hand is filthy, take extra care to go every detail before signing/paying for anything.

    DO NOT buy a food caravan from anyone, the laws will become too tight and you'll not be able to use the caravan kitchen in any public spaces. (If the health inspector OK'ed the unit, and it is sheeted with Stainless Steel on the inside, then it is a different matter - but still do your homework).

    Please confirm with the seller that the photo's shown of the mobile kitchen on our website and the trailer being sold are the same.
    Gas and Electric combined units are best, but can the trailer function without one or the other?

    Photo: Trailer 3 colours

    Why buy a 2nd-hand food trailer/used concession trailer?

  • All the signage are done, excess can be removed/replaced(like the contact details)
  • Immediately available
  • 100% working condition - if not, then DO NOT buy
  • Electric installations are certified and you get the paperwork
  • Trailer must be on the road and have a current license disc
  • All loose extras are included(confirm with the seller), and this will save you a bundle

    We like the concept of buying a restaurant on wheels outfitted with all the equipment needed to cater for the growing catering market. (Everybody must eat, and the better the food, the more clients you have, the more money you make).
    Nothing against the white collar crowds, but at least you don't loose you savings in some investment if Wall Street takes a nosedive or the South African government do something weird.

    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change anything at 'www.CateringEquipment4All.co.za' at any time. Always improving our sales of pre-owned mobile kitchen trailers. As a business opportunity lets get the used trailers for sale back on the road, Work from Home made easy.
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    Photo: Trailer 3 colours Photo: Shwarma machine in Trailer 3 colours Photo: Hamburger Trailer 2 colours Photo: Funeral food Trailer - Wedding food trailer 2 colours Photo: Hot Dog Trailer 1 colour Photo: Coffee Trailer and Malawi Trailer white Photo: 1 of the Cape Town Trailers