Bain Marie prices

(Table top gas units)
(Prices removed due to monthly steel price increases)
1 Division Bain Marie = on request
2 Division Bain Marie = on request
(1 or 2 division food warmers have 1 burner)
3 Division Bain Marie = on request
4 Division Bain Marie = on request
(3 or 4 division food warmers have 2 burners)

May 2010 Prices: Bain Marie Prices

Bain Marie / bane marie is sometimes called a water bath because the food is put into a s/steel insert. The bain marie is filled with water and the insert rests in the water. The water is then heated, and the heat is transferred to the food. As a food warmer, this is ideal, because there is no direct heat on the food.
We don't supply the bain marie inserts, but you get 2 depths. 100mm and 150mm, both will fit in the standard foodwarmers. The inserts come in different sizes, so if you want to use the smaller types, we must cater for that when building the foodwarmer.

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