Braai -

From a potjie braai to a chicken braai,
from built in braais to freestanding braais. We manufacture gas catering equipment, so, lets braai South Africa. Never heard of braaivleis? Welcome to South Africa stranger - 2 things you'll need to learn: "braaivleis" and "Kan ek 'n dubbel Brandewyn en Coke kry, asseblief". To "braai vleis" is to "bbq meat" and on the brandy - come to South Africa and get someone to teach you. (I can hear the locals agreeing to that one...)

Currently the gas griller manufacturer is in Pretoria and these grills are only available at our warehouse in Centurion(Littleton). We can help with a courier, but you are also welcome to send your own. Both electrical and gas grillers are supplied, please state your need. (Please note on the electric one, they only

Email us and Charmaine or someone from our team will be in contact with you soon.

Charmaine - (072)286-9877

Some BBQ photos.

Photo: Special gas braai 5 burner tabletop model Photo: Gas braai 4 burner floor model Photo: Gas braai 4 burner tabletop model

Photo's above:
  • Special 'shallow' gas braai for built-in wall unit, with laser film protection for transport - made from brushed s/steel
  • Gas grill - 4 burner floor model
  • Gas grill - 4 burner tabletop model
  • The white coating (photo of unit on the left) is PVC (Plastic) to protect the braai during transportation
  • What does the word braai mean -> BBQ, Barbecue or barbeque - Some will say "an excuse to drink ;-)"
  • (Or more seriously - with a BBQ, Barbecue or barbeque - It is very popular with people living in sunny climates, having family and friends over for some beers and a few pieces of meat(lamb, chicken or beef) on the grill. With the depletion of our wood resources, gas braais(gas bbq or gas barbeque's are becoming very popular. As an inside/outdoor gas bbq manufacturer, I know.)
  • On the question - How to build a braai, sorry - you can buy one and reverse engineer it. ha-ha.
  • Built-in grill sizes -> You tell us, and we build it for you. Currently Nick and his team can build you any size extraction canopy you want. These built in grills are very functional in built-up areas and where the weather does not permit an outside function. Also no smoke from the fuel used - as in some European countries where burning of natural resources are forbidden - or no-smoke areas.
  • Braaivleis resepte - you might want the secret family recipe, but the real secret is a little bit of salt and hungry people. (the beers won't hurt either)

    Braai facts.

    • Braai sizes:
    • Tabletop Model
    • Floor Model
    • Both (Table/Floor models)
    • S/Steel front plate
    • Regulator and 1m hose
    • --------------------------------
    • 4 Burner
    • 6 Burner
    • 8 Burner
    • 10 Burner
    • and more
    • Braai dimensions:
    • Height = 350mm
    • Height = 900mm
    • Depth = 700mm (Back to Front)
    • ---------------------------------------
    • Width = 570mm (Left to Right)
    • Width = 750mm
    • Width = 1,080mm
    • Width = 1,250mm
    • Braai Price
    • (Prices removed due
    • to monthly steel
    • price increases by our
    • steel mill suppliers)
    • ---------------------
    • (Prices removed due
    • to monthly steel
    • price increases by our
    • steel mill suppliers)

    We have tabletop gas braais for that built-in unit in your lapa. You know where it must fit, we just need the dimensions.
    With tig welded 0.9mm S/Steel panels, these units will last for many years to come, and be very hygienic. No pop rivets to keep panels together.

    To contact us:
    (Manufacturer in Pretoria, for other branches or courier costs, please state your area/town.)
    or follow our link to: The 'Catering Equipment 4 All' home page

    We asked Google to show you our opposition, that is how sure we are of ourselves and of our gas braai's: (no filters active)

    More braai photo's

    Photo: 6 burner braais in trailer Photo: Gas braais 8 burner, solid plate, potjiekos grid Photo: commercial Spitbraai

    Prices for these grills:
    Trailer : link = Trailers : Mobile food vending
    Combo Gas Braai with 8 burners, with potjie kos burner, solid plate, s/steel prep area, wheels etc. (see braai photo in the middle above)
    Spitbraai : link = Spitbraai / Spit braai info page
    Bain Marie : link = Bain Marie info page

    Orders for Grills/Gas grillers -
  • Charmaine - (072)286-9877

  • Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change anything at 'Catering Equipment 4 All' at any time. Always improving. Investment amounts valid at last update to this page for a gas braai. Brian and his team will quote you on any gas braai you need. Braai page last updated:

    04 Jan 2016