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Create your own Branded product business in South Africa.
How to make more than 25 household products - the recipes and where to find what.

Easiest way to make money, Deep-fried Potato Spirals - ROI possible with 1 event - These tornado potatoes are spiral-cut, deep fried and springled with a wide varienty of spices. Our commercial stainless steel/aliminium potato cutters come with a 2 year warrenty/guarantee. -> Spiral potatoes anyone, ask your friends if they would buy from your business?
This business opportunity - South Africa and the world.

Most important webpage you might ever read.

Your Spaza Fryer = Your own business opportunity

Please have a look at the following and contact us A.S.A.P.

We identified a need for people to have an affordable business.
What followed from this was our Spaza Fryers.
A complete business unit, you just add a gas cylinder.
-> GAS = No more electricity shortages, blackouts or dead businesses <-

Your Spaza Fryer business opportunity:
The basic unit -
  • 2 x 3ring gas burners
  • 2 x 10liter Stainless Steel pans (140mm deep)

  • (Each pan has a ball valve to drain the oil)

  • Regulator, 1m SABS Hose, clamps and hose connector

  • Wind protection - galvanized steel - 3 sides are protected

  • Range of colours to choose from - as long as its black ;-)

  • Height = 750mm

  • Further dimensions = 660 x 440

  • From table models to what you want, standards are up to 900mm.

  • (Table models for limited space - storage or transport).

Your investment amount for this unit on request.
(So, you have made up your mind already to contact us NOW: go to
Catering Equipment 4 All Details)

So you ask, WHY USE OUR PRODUCT? (except for the quality,
affordability, our service and 27 other reasons)

  • No more searching for pans to fit a unit after your purchase, we
    supply a full unit - no extra time and money wastage with us.

  • No more fighting with salesmen after a sale, because we guarantee
    you this unit will work - 30 day money back or exchange guarantee.

  • No more customers walking away because the oil temperature can not
    be brought up to 180 degrees C, fast (these 3ring burners are very
    powerful). We'll show(demonstrate to) you how to use these burners.

  • No more wasting gas, you choose how many rings to use at a time -
    'keep me warm' or 'power boost'.

  • No more rust: Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel.

  • No more 'just a standard colour' - we have a range of colours to
    choose from. Pink anyone? Please confirm this when ordering.

  • No more extra units, this unit can also be used as a boiling table or

    With today’s economic climate, everyone needs to be an entrepreneur.
    Whatever your market segment, you need to make more than the few
    percentage points the bank will give you for your hard earned cash.
    Invest it in yourself and grow financially. Expand and have a few
    Spaza Fryers earning money for you.


    Before we get to the value add products, 4 questions answered.

  • 1) Pricing:
    Why so affordable?
    We manufacture these units ourselves, so no extra profits and
    commissions are added. We also are still small and keep costs
    down to a minimum. Small now, but we'll become a market leader.

  • 2) Delivery:
    We do not deliver.
    We are still working out a drop-zone system, where we have
    units pre-delivered closer to where our clients prefer them.
    Courier or post to anywhere in South Africa is no problem.

  • 3) Contact us:

    To view our Spaza Fryers or any of the other products, please email us for directions - see above.

  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • 1)

  • You have decided what products you want to sell. But what about
    expanding your range of products with a 4mm solid metal plate. It
    fits snug inside one half of your Spaza Fryer. Have handles and a
    drip groove for collecting fat and oil.

    Now you can DOUBLE your business to include all types of meat, even
    ones with those eXtra sauces and at the same time make the chips in
    one of the pans. (Bacon and Eggs - yes)

    Only R250 for this excellent option.

  • 2)

  • WOK ring. Another way to expand your business. Now you can cater for
    those people that want something different. Fits into one half of the
    Spaza Fryer. So make your own combo. Plate and WOK or Pan and WOK.

    Only R65 for the WOK Ring.
    (The Wok pan is not included, because we've found people to have their own
    preferences - we also found that these type of products is easy to find
    for a very reasonable price - Macro, Game etc...) BUT, if you want, we
    can find you a basic WOK to go with the Ring - No problem.

  • 3)

  • Galvanized protection lid. To keep flying insects and dust from your
    oil when it is not in use. This lid covers both pans at the same time.

    Only R60 - Worth it to extend the lifetime of your oil.

    Photo: Burgundy spaza with plate and lid. The other pan is not in the photo.
    Photo: Burgundy powder coated Spaza Fryer.

  • 4)

  • Mostly these Spaza Fryers are used inside a shop or building, but in
    some cases people transport the unit from inside to outside on a daily

    With this movement the Spaza Fryer takes a beating. The ONLY exclusion
    to our money back or exchange guarantee is if a cast iron 3ring burner
    is broken AFTER it left our factory. We can still repair it for you.
    (Or you can buy a replacement at any Mica store).

    -> 1) To help you, we can add a 'crash bar' to protect the burners.
    -> 2) Once outside, a galvanized steel bottom shelf to store goods.
    -> 3) 2 Wheels for ease of movement.

    These 3 combined with the basic unit for a small extra surcharge.

  • 5)

  • Fold up units, for transport like taxi's and small cars. Here we only do
    the basic unit WITH a 'crash bar'.

  • 6)

  • With all these options, what about looking into a food trolley.
    Ask me about the trolleys we are making for clients like ABSA/NAFCOC.
    - A truly south african solution for hawkers.
    We can mix and match for your specific needs - no problem.



    The photos on the web page are small to load quickly from the internet,
    if you want the full ones, just ask. I can email them to you, no problem.


    Thank you for asking about this golden opportunity.

    Is there anything YOU want? Other products we can manufacture for you?

    Now is the time to grow your new or existing business. Let us help you to help
    yourself on your road to financial freedom. Please, give us a call now.

    Please see:
    Catering Equipment 4 All Contact Details

    We've helped plenty of people and would also like to see you make a success.
    Imagine yourself in the future with 20+ units in the field, doing rentals or having
    other people working for you and you just managing and collecting money....

    Why not send me an email at
    and tell me what you think of these units. Thanks.

    I can't believe this turn out to be such a long page, but there is so much
    to tell you, even more. Take care.

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    We reserve the right to change anything at Catering Equipment 4 All at any time. Always improving. At the time of the last update to this site, this was the cost for this business opportunity.

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    07 May 2009