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We make odd sized extraction canopies, what space must your extractor fan system fit into?

These kitchen canopy extractor fans are needed for ventilation of air for both smoke and smells. Did you ever stop on the roof parking of Sandton City above the restaurants, with all those extractor fans blowing? Or wondered why you always become hungry when you walk past one specific shop - the secret: They leave a piece of meat on the corner of the grill all day, and the smell of this piece of burnt offering can't be missed.

The galvanized canopy extractor hoods are used in restaurants and coffee shops - these galvanised extraction systems are cheaper than s/steel units. Franchises normally go for the stainless steel extractors, also ideal for your lapa.

Photo: 3,2m Extraction Canopy - 'Catering Equipment 4 All'

This 3,2m catering extraction canopy hood is a wall unit made of galvanized steel. The drip tray can be seen on the right hand side, at the bottom. All our canopies are tig welded at the bottom, so no fat or water will drip through. This is for cooker extractor hoods where steam is generated.

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    Canopy extractor and extractor fan facts.

    • Canopy size:
    • 1,2m
    • 1,8m
    • 2,0m
    • 2,4m

    • 3,0m
    • 3,6m
    • 4,0m
    • 4,8m
    • Flue pipe diameter:
    • 300mm
    • 400mm
    • 500mm
    • 500mm

    • 560mm
    • 560mm
    • 630mm
    • 630mm
    • Extractor Fan & Motor:
    • 0,18KW
    • 0,18KW
    • 0,37KW
    • 0,37KW

    • 0,55KW
    • 0,55KW - 1,50KW
    • 1,50KW
    • 2,20KW - 2,50KW

    Photo: 90 degree Lobster Bend - extractor Flue Pipe
  • The canopy extractor fans are both single and three phase motors already in their housing. Bigger extraction units are only 3phase.
  • Silencer versions are available, but we will buy them from our suppliers for you, from 400mm to 900mm flue pipe sizes.
  • Canopies from 2,4m and bigger are made with 0,8mm Galvanized steel, rest with 0,6mm.
  • All these canopies are 1,2m deep at the top(Roof), but can be as little as 700mm.
  • Flue pipes can be measured at 1m each.
  • Photo: 0,55kW Extractor Fan / extractor motor
  • If you would like loose filters or flue pipes, please let us have the measurements or an old sample and we'll make it for you.
  • We do not deliver - so please keep in mind that a canopy, some flue pipes, rain cowl and extractor motor does take some space.
  • One point to ponder - grilling chickens will produce more smoke than grilling steaks.

  • Extraction Canopy prices.

    • Canopy prices: Removed due to monthly steel mill price increases.
    • 1,2m - on request
    • 1,8m - on request
    • 2,0m - on request
    • 2,4m - on request
    • 3,2m - on request
    • 3,5m - on request
    • 4,2m - on request
    • Prices include:
    • Filters
    • 2 Flue pipes
    • 1 Rain Cowl
    • (Square to Round adaptor on bigger units)
    • 90 or 45 degree Bends are extra(0,6mm galv)
    • Flue pipes extra(0,6mm galv)
    • Extractor Fan Prices:
    • 0,18KW - 220V - on request
    • 0,37KW - 220V - on request
    • 0,55KW - 220V - on request
    • 1,50KW - 220V - on request
    • 1,50KW - 3phase - on request
    • Extraction Fan pricelist updated every June

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    Photo: 3,2m Canopy extractor hood

    Informational: (Please contact your local authorities if you are unsure)



    (1) Extractor fan systems and related ducts or similar chimney systems must be designed and installed in accordance with SANS 1850, (Standard for the design and manufacture of commercial kitchen extraction systems) and in such a manner as to grant adequate access (that is clearly marked) for trouble-free inspection and maintenance of and repairs to the relevant mechanisms.
    (2) Every filter, damper, screen or conduit that forms an integral part of a system referred to in subsection (1) must be regularly cleaned, maintained and checked to ensure that fatty residues or any other combustible residues do not accumulate.
    (3) The conduit and outlet of any system referred to in subsection (1) must be installed so as not to pose a fire hazard or probable fire hazard to any premises or property.
    (4) Any person who fails to comply with the provisions of this section is guilty of an offence.

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