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From a commercial Spitbraai to a smaller home spit roast to a gas spitroast on a trailer. To roast anything, we manufacture catering equipment for the South African market. Bring your specs, we build what you want. Our units use gas, so a spit braai can be held anywhere. See the roast lamb photo - mmmm Photo: Spitbraai front

What about an ox braai or a trailer with a spitbraai built into it? When we actually get to finish this trailer, we'll post the pics. Currently we are building a lot of food trailers, so this little project goes onto the back burners all the time.

As a pre-dealership food vending trailer, you can buy your spitbraai trailer soon without having to pay the franchise or dealer prices later. Just something to keep in mind while you browse through those 'business opportunities' with the huge price tags.

This spit roasting trailer will have a double gas stove, a single division bain marie and washing basins to comply with the health by-laws and a spitbraai natuurlik.

Photo: Spitroast - 3 separate controlled burners

The white on the photo is PVC (plastic) to protect the s/steel, just remove it before use.

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  • Spitbraai specs.

    • Investment Amount: R6,970
    • For this you get 220V to 12V motor (with a transformer).
    • (This allow you to use a car battery if the 220V is down)
    • These motors can handle up to 30Kg
    • An adjustable counter weight to support the motor is included, and should be used.
    • A 1 amp fuse is used to protect the motor from abuse.

    • Mild steel body frame with normal paint, so 'touch ups' are easy.
    • S/steel(430) is used for the body of the spitbraai.
    • 3 x 3division gas burners - ceramic.
    • Burners can be controlled separately.
    • Gas burner pipe - High pressure tested.
    • Ball bearings for skewer to run on - easy to lift.
    • Top lid can be removed - For serving and transport.
    • Legs are removable - for transport - handles for lifting.
    • Drip tray with handles.
    • Included are 7 spikes - 2 big, 4 small and 1 neck skewer.
    • Also included are 2 spine clamps. (spine to skewer).
    • (You can replace the loose spikes/clamps with solid extensions - This is if you want to use tie-downs or wire).
    • Drainage hole for cleaning the unit.

    • Max dimensions: 1,450m by 660mmx600mm. Unit height can be changed as to your specifications.
    • If you would like the body a bit wider or higher, no problem.
    • Have the legs fixed, or removable - please tell us.
    • Actual Weight = 80kg. Weight per volume(removable legs) +- 120kg.
    • Motor housing included in price, removable for transport.

    • Extra's included:
    • Regulator with 1m hose and clamps:

    • - Normal 1kg/hour regulator or
      - High Pressure regulator
    Photo: 18Kg lamb on skewer Roasted on gas spit
    Spitbraai in bakkie.
    • Removable parts for transport.
    • We can build trailers to allow a spitbraai.
    Photo: Spitbraai in bakkie for easy transport
    After the braai, remove the lid to serve the softest spit roast lamb ever.
    • Removable lid - Bullet hinges.
    • This 18kg lamb took only 2 and half hours to perfection.
    Photo: Spitbraai with lid removed for easy serving

    For the credits of the spit braai photo's:
  • We built these commercial spitbraais for Steve Rudd.
  • (Braai photos on our product with compliments from him).
  • Contact Steve and his team well in advance for all your spit catering needs: (083)408-4445.
  • Everything supplied, you just sit back and the professionals take over. Any size function can be handled.
  • Currently his spitbraai hire units only serve the Gauteng area, with his team doing the braai themselves - Sorry.

  • Photo: Spit Braai or lamb roast extras Photo: Spit Braai or spitroast extras

  • Some Spitbraai facts - We use a minimum stainless steel thickness of 0,9mm for both the lib and the bottom part. The frame is powder coated, so if you want a special colour, talk to us(Standard colour is classic silver). The counter weight remove any strain from the spit motor.
  • Our unit can also double as a home spit. You can roast that smaller leg of lamb or combination of turkey and whatever on the spit as part of a business function, fund raising, family- or fun-gathering. This spit roast comes standard with removable legs for transport, but you can ask us to have fixed legs if you so choose.

  • This is just one of our products, please have a look at the other products by following this link to The 'Catering Equipment 4 All' home page. From there you can find our contact details. To order your spitbraai now:

    Jan Viljoen : (083)309-6535
    Email : CateringEquipment4All@yahoo.com

    Join us at The Braai page for some normal braais.

    Photo: Spitbraai on the inside - with skewers Photo: Spitbraai with removable electrical motor

    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change anything at 'Catering Equipment 4 All' at any time. Always improving. The taste and smell of a lamb spitbraai, now that, we can't change. Page last updated:

    25 June 2006.

    Photo: 3 Burner Commercial Spitbraai

    Photo: Commercial Spitbraai ready for transport