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Listings for Butchery Equipment for sale (10)

NEW butchery machines for sale. Equipment to set up any size butchery.

AZextra Price Computing Retail Scales(NRCS) for sale

R1,700 from excl vat

AZextra Price Computing Scales for sale

AZextra Price Computing Retail Scales for sale (NRCS/SABS approved): October 2019 Special  While we have stock: AZextra-30P - Price R1,700 excl vat - This i...

Mincers for sale


Mincers for sale for Butcheries

NEW Mincing Machines for sale - Prices 2019: Floor Model Mincers for sale, Price R19,500 excl vat Model: TC42 Dimensions: 530 x 1,020 x 950mm Power: 380V...

Carcass Scales for sale


Carcass Scales for sale for Butcheries

NEW Carcass Scales for sale - Prices 2019: Carcass Scales for sale, Price R9,500 excl vat Model: CARC0300 300kG Carcass Scale Please note this is not ...

Vertical Sausage Fillers


Sausage Filler 3Lt – SV3

NEW Sausage Fillers for sale - R1,675 excl vat Sausage Fillers SV3 - 3Lt - R1,675 excl vat Sausage Fillers SV5 - 5Lt - R1,795 excl vat Sausage Fillers ...

Meat machines for sale


Meat Slicers for sale for Butcheries

NEW Meat Slicers for sale - Prices 2019: Meat Slicing Machines for sale - R4,795 excl vat Model: 220AEE - GLOBAL Dimensions: 580 x 466 x 420mm Power: 220V...

Bowl Cutters for sale


Bowl Cutters for sale for Butcheries QS620

NEW Bowl Cutters for sale - 2019: Bowl Cutters for sale - R16,995 excl vat Model: QS620 Dimensions: 755 X 710 X 940mm Capacity: 20lt Voltage: 380v ...

Hydraulic Sausage filling Machine for sale


Hydraulic Sausage Filler for sale for Butcheries SF260

NEW Sausage Fillers for sale - 2019:   Sausage Filler SF260 - R36,000 excl vat Model: SF260 - Hydraulic operated Sausage Fillers. Dimensio...

Bandsaws for sale


Bandsaws for sale for Butcheries

NEW Bandsaw Machines for sale - 2019: Bandsaws for sale - R14,995 excl vat Model: BNSW380 Floor Standing Model Dimensions: 850 x 850 x 1800mm Power: 38...

Vacuum Sealers for sale


Vacuum Sealers for sale ideal for Butchery

NEW Vacuum Sealers for sale - 2019: Vacuum Sealing machines for sale - R9,500 excl vat Model: DZ260 - Vacuum Sealer - In Chamber Dimensions: 385 x 28...



Biltong Dryers for sale, for Butchery

NEW Biltong Dryers for sale - R5,995 excl vat Biltong Dryer - BILT245 - R5,995 excl vat Biltong Dryer - BIL1250 - R14,995 excl vat   Collec...