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Let me know what you are looking for, or if you have a white elephant standing in a corner or want to upgrade you industrial machinery. These metal giants never loose their value, even broken or in need of a bit of attention, please contact us today.

Nation wide and even international deliveries are possible. Please discuss it with us first. Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland is OK with Malawi and Tanzania still within reach cross country, but Cairo - no way(even if you give us free pyramid access tickets.) Some of these babies weight mega tons, so via boat deliveries, you'll need to talk to us to see if it will be cost effective for you.

Looking for industrial machinery, equipment retrofits or even machinery industrial equipment installations - installing a single machine or a full shop, we've got the knowledge and the machines for you. If you've never heard of oom Swannie, you are new to this game. He started building the Exactility machines many, many moons ago. His son since took this over from him, but he kept his fingers on the pulse of the industrial machinery industry. He can retrofit almost anything, and if you need specific industrial equipment, new or used, you must talk to us.

The manufacturing game is not easy, but with the right machine tools and industrial machinery tool knowledge - it is a lot less complex. The saying, the right machine tool for the right job is very true.

Click on the Thumbnail(small photo) for a detailed photo of the equipment with more info/details.

Description - Industrial Equipment Investment Amount Thumbnail (Details)
Press Brake - Exactility - Pressbrake Depends Size/Item Photo: Press Brake - Exactility - Pressbrake - Hydraulic.
Press Brake - Promecam - Pressbrake Depends Size/Item Photo: Press Brake - Promecam - Pressbrake - Hydraulic.
Press Brake - Colly - Pressbrake Depends Size/Item Photo: Press Brake - Colly - Pressbrake - Hydraulic.
Eccentric Press Depends Size/Item Photo: Eccentric Press - Hydraulic - 2m x 50Ton.
Craft Former - Want to build an aircraft wing? One size only Photo: Craft Former for building aircraft wings - Hydraulic
Circular cutter Depends Size/Item Photo: Metal Circular cutter
Band Saw - For metal Depends Size/Item Photo: Metal band saw
Goodway Lathe Depends Size/Item Photo: Goodway Lathe
Lock former - Lockformer Depends Size/Item Photo: Lock Former - Lockformer
4 Pillar hydraulic press Depends Size/Item Photo: 4 pillar hydraulic press
Metal sheet roller - plate roller - Rollforming Depends Size/Item Photo: Metal sheet rollers
Notcher Depends Size/Item Photo: Notcher
Straight folder - Box and Pan folder - benders Depends Size/Item Photo: Straight folders 1250mm x 1,6mm
Pressbrake tooling - Ducting machinery - Ironworkers - Talk to us Depends Size/Item Photo: Pressbrake tooling - Ducting machinery - Ironworkers
Hydraulic Guillotine Depends Size/Item Photo: Hydraulic guillotines
Manual Guillotines - manual shears Price depends on Size of guilotine and the Item itself Photo: Manual guilotine - 1250mm x 1,6mm

Remember that most of these items will need 3-phase electricity to work, so please ask. Your garage might just not do the trick for that new multi-million rand idea.

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What can be build with these industrial machines - visit the 'Catering Equipment 4 All' homepage.

And for Used Stainless steel and Mild steel tanks/hoppers/mixers/blender and more - industrial and commercial.

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