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Spiral Potato Chips

This is an ideal unit to start a small business with. A Potato Spiral chips cutter will only ask for an investment amount of R999 (Bonus: Including 250 x 40cm bamboo skewers to get you started - only in South Africa) Where else can you get a business opportunity like this? A ROI (Return On Investment) after only selling 250 potatoes or less. Think about it...1 day....1 event....fully paid.

From others you could always buy a franchised Chip cutting business for a huge amount ... OR, try to prevent someone from investing only R999 to start a spiral business next door. Or buy a fully kitted food trailer and add the spiral to make it a twisted potato chip trailer - see our trailers at The 'trailer' page. (Please talk to us to confirm investment amount for the trailer first - thanks). Only real 40cm bamboo Spirals sold, not the normal 28cm skewers you find in South Africa. (250x40cm bamboo skewers = R75)

Stock levels normal, how many spiral potato cutters do you want?


Please remember, we post the spirals the next working day after the funds clear into the account.

To order a spiral cutter: (Called a tornado potato in the far east - for tornado chips)
Johan : +27 83 571-2699 / +27 51 653-1733(during working hours - GMT +2 - 09H00 to 13H00 and 14H00 to 17H00)
Email : CateringEquipment4All@yahoo.com
Currently all spirals are distributed from Burgersdorp, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

How to start a potato chip business:
Let's make a spiral, step-by-step. From potato to ready for the deep fryer - "Chips on a stick" as a twisted potato. Cut a curl potato with our Potato Cutter. These curly fries are not the ribbon fry chips you get overseas. (Where the ribbon fries look like spaghetti, these are solid spiral slices of potato - ie. you can ALSO use our stainless steel blade as a Mandoline, by slicing the potato by hand.)

Step 1:
Choose a medium sized potato. Get rid of any dirt and bad spots. Take the blunt end of the skewer, NOT the sharp end, and push it through the middle of the potato.

Photo: Potato on a 40cm bamboo skewer

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  • The 'Catering Equipment 4 All' home page.

  • Spiral potato facts.

    • Investment Amount: R999
    • Stainless Steel/Aliminium
    • Manual - No powercuts
    • Easy to clean
    • 250 x 40cm bamboo skewers - Bonus in South Africa
    • Cost per potato +-R1 - Rest is profit
    • ROI = Sell only 250 potatoes at R4 profit (How long will it take You??)
    Potato on skewer - chip twisted in the making
    Step 2.
    • Skewer must go into the blade hole
    Photo: Skewer into hole of Spiral Fry Potato Cutter
    Step 3.
    • Potato on skewer into potato spiral cutter..
    Photo: Potato on skewer into tornado cutting machine
    Step 4.
    • Potato on skewer into potato spiral cutter
    Photo: Skewer in potato cutter
    Step 5.
    • Potato in position
    Photo: Potato in position
    Step 6.
    • Potato halfway done
    Potato halfway done
    Step 7.
    • Spiral Potato on skewer
    Potato Spiral
    Step 8.
    • Potato spiral / Twisted Chip done
    Photo: Potato Spiral done
    Step 9.
    • Potato Spiral ready for the oil
    • Tornado potato - deep fry at 180 degree Celcius
    Photo: Twisted Chip / Spiral ready for oil
    Step 10.
    • Take the next potato, next skewer, smile, and start again
    • Skewers only 30c each.
    • Profit: 500% plus.
    • ROI: Sell only 250 potato skewers (included in SA)

    Quality: 40cm skewers from us or a short 28cm skewer from the other Chip Traders, make money by selling for the same price or even less? Don't say 'Chips on a stick', but 'Chips on a STICK' or 'Chips on a SKEWER'

    Ever heard someone say: 'Keep it simple'? Now this is a simple business. Opportunities like this should be grabbed with both hands, but anyway, I think you know that already.

    This is just one of our products, please have a look at the other products by following this link to The 'Catering Equipment 4 All' home page.

    Only for Spirals machines - phone now to order:
    Johan Welgemoed : +27 (0)83 571-2699 / +27 (0)51 653-1733(during working hours - GMT +2 - 09H00 to 13H00 and 14H00 to 17H00)
    Email : CateringEquipment4All@yahoo.com

    Spiral Potato Cutter Price:

    For visitors NOT from our beautiful South Africa:
    We do not include the 250 skewers. (South African Postage fees are a killer). We include 2 short sample skewers. You'll need to find some 5mm skewers locally, the longer the better.

    Investment amount of a twisted Potato Spiral cutter:

    R999 - Only the spiral cutter(+ 2 short skewers as a sample)
    R390 - Overseas Postage (Air Mail and Insurance)
    R105 - Banking costs on my side for forex transaction
    R1,494 = Total amount

    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR6.05 = US$1 - 10 May 2006)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR6.72 = US$1 - 11 June 2006)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR6.96 = US$1 - 05 July 2006)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR7.22 = US$1 - 01 November 2006)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR6.82 = US$1 - 03 January 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR7.29 = US$1 - 20 March 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR6.87 = US$1 - 03 May 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR6.79 = US$1 - 14 May 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR6.88 = US$1 - 04 July 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR6.64 = US$1 - 11 Oct 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR6.37 = US$1 - 08 Nov 2007)
    US Dollar = 222 (Exchange ZAR6.71 = US$1 - 26 Nov 2007)

    See https://www.fnb.co.za/sekunjalo_rates/forexM.asp for the exact current exchange rate
    (Look under "Bank buying TT" - TT stands for TeleTransmission)
    For an easier idea on the exchange rates see http://www.xe.com/ucc

    Postage via Air Mail will usually take between 3 and 4 weeks to our friends abroad.

    The tracking number will be emailed to you, and it should reflect within 1 day on the Post Office system. See:

  • www.sapo.co.za - then look under
  • "online tools" at "Track and Trace".

    The South African Post Office changed some processes recently, so for chip cutters going abroad or local speed services, see:
  • www.speedservices.co.za and click on
  • "Track an item".
  • Then enter the tracking number.
    For DHL Express - Last option, very expensive - DHL promise 4 working days to your doorstep, but it can take up to 6(six) days before they collect from me. (Collections in my hometown only Tuesdays and Thursdays - so if I contact them on Thursday, they'll only collect on Tuesday. Then it'll take another day or 2 to get to Johannesburg, and only THEN will it be 4 working days.)
  • www.dhl.com
  • "DHL air Waybill".
  • Enter the tracking number suplied by me.

    South Africa - Local postage = R69 for a Spiral and 250 skewers. For an Extra 250 skewers add R9,99 extra postage to the above.
    (250x40cm bamboo skewers = R75)

    Photo: Deep fryer and spirals

    Spirals as a business, with so many spices to choose from, you can cater for everyone's tastes.
    Low initial costs, can bring a good return on investment. Why not have a business asking: Spicy spirals or just a salted spiral potato?

    Photo: Potato Spiral next to potato cutter

    Hierdie aartappel op 'n stokkie is baie gewild. As mens kyk na die Rittelfeees 2006, dan is die geadverteerde spiral stalletjies:
  • Chip Stick - Aartappel op Sosatie stok (stokke) - Chipsticks
  • Chip Twister - Aartappel gedraai op stokkie - ChipTwister
  • ChipDog - spiraal aartappel
  • Chipstix trailer - With Chipstix or Chip stix on chip skewers - potato chip skewers that is. This chipstix trailer is going all over the country and is owned by Steven. His home base is in the Jhb area, so if you want him to sell his 40cm Chipstix in your area, just send me an email and I'll give you his contact number. His chip stix potatoes use our 40cm skewers as standard.
  • Chip & Dip bought from us, so they also see the potential of an affordable product for their chip trailers. So soon Australia will have a Chip 'n Dip franchise also.
  • I saw a Chip King selling twisters at the Burgersdorp summer festival during October 2006, so what does all these people know that you 'might' not know yet? These chiptwisters were as popular as always.
  • If you can dip a chip then you can also dip a spiral - and make money.
    And at the Cherry Festival 2006(Ficksburg): I know Stephen went there with his Chip Stix trailer. He is selling his chipstix potatoes with our 40cm skewers only.
    Another popular product I see is the mushrooms on a skewer, so just imagine those babies on a 40cm bamboo skewer - family size.

    In Holland/the Netherlands, they describe a spiral like this: (Spiraal aardappel)
    ".. wordt gemaakt door een ongeschilde aardappel aan een stokje te rijgen en door middel van een machine de aardappel aan dit stokje te spiraliseren."

    You can use any length of skewer, but it must be with a 5mm diameter.
    Spiral Apples can NOT be cut, no Appletwisters or applestix yet. Our units can double as potato slicers or mandolines though.

    -------------------------- Becoming popular is the potato on a sausage or potato on a vienna - Chip Dog.
    Take one of the spiralled potatoes, as in the pictures above, remove the stick from the cut potato before opening it. Then take a potato peeler or 'apple core remover' and enlarge the hole in the middle to the size of the vienna or sausage. Insert the vienna/russian into the spiral potato and open as if on a stick. These Chip Dogs will take some practise, you don't want the sausage too thin as it will burn to a crisp before the potato.
    a Straight foot long Smoked vienna or russian works well. Remember to cut the skin of the sausage/vienna/russian before putting it into the oil. The fun is in the tasting of your new products, so have fun and have a business with this new business idea.

    Spices: See the Spices South Africa page for some popular spices or ideas.
    Typical spice flavours in South Africa would be:
  • Salt and Vinegar spice
  • Sour Cream spice
  • BBQ spice
  • Chaka-laka spice (hot)
  • Biltong flavoured spices - if you don't know what biltong is, bypass this spice.
    Visit your local cinema, and see which popcorn spices they use. Get the same, they spent tons of money on market research.

    Maintenance: Our stainless steel chip slicer, does not rust, no plastic to break and no springs to go soft. This is a commercial unit, and our Warranty/Guarantee can be seen here.

    Warranty/Guarantee: I, the manufacturer, will replace any part that prevents the potato cutting machine from cutting potatoes onto a 5mm skewer in a spiral shape. Contact me first, as it can save you the postage. We have 100's of satisfied clients, so we can extend this warranty to YOU, for 2 years. Normal maintenance of course: clean and oil often, and tighten nuts when needed.
    (If you've destroyed the unit with a chainsaw while cutting your own hair(i know - i know), we can replace that part for you).
    After 2 years you've either never used the unit, so it will outlive you - or you've made so much money from this little business opportunity, that you are retiring and never want to see a potato again in you whole live.)

    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change anything at 'Catering Equipment 4 All' at any time. Always improving our twisted chips / potato spirals / chips stix / curly chip / twister shaped sticks / Tornado potatoes / Chip twista. Page last updated:

    28 Jan 2010

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