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Both new press brakes and old industrial pressbrakes are supplied from Springs, Johannesburg, South Africa - Come and visit oom Swannie anytime!

Price based on the item. Would you like a small or a Huge unit? They come with hydraulic power, but under different names the smaller press brakes can be manually operated - they are then called folders or box benders.

Before you decide to buy any type of press or bender, ask yourself the following:

  • The biggest item you want to bend, be realistic
  • Max Thickness of the steel plates
  • Max Width of the plates to be bent

  • If the machine can't accommodate the physical piece of steel you want to bend, you've wasted your money.

  • The smallest bend you'll need to make on a piece of steel, think of:
  • The angle, say smaller than 70 degrees, like safety edges (might need a hammer and manual power on thinner plates to close all the way)
  • 'Teeth' - Are all your bends the whole length/width of the steel plate - beware of machines with only one long 'tooth'(unless this is what you need)
  • (Smaller teeth allow you to have gaps and to adjust to your required bend size)

  • If you are new to using these press brakes, I would suggest you take the steel plates, already on cutsize, and test the machine with your own product - before you buy. Oom Swannie will always be willing to help you.
    One of the options available, is to rent one of the pressbrakes by the minute. You have a clock-card, clock yourself in and do the bends. Then clock yourself out, pay for the minutes used and go back to your own shop.

    Photo: Press Brake - Exactility - Pressbrake - Hydraulic. The Exactility pressbrake. These press brakes are controlled with a foot paddle. The top part of the machine comes down to meet the lower solid piece. You have different 'machine tools' depending on the type of bend you want. A crisp square or a rounder square, but always let someone help you at first.

    Photo: Press Brake - Promecam - Pressbrake - Hydraulic. The Promecam pressbrake.

    Photo: Press Brake - Colly Hydraulic Pressbrake - Hydraulic. The Colly pressbrake - 2m x 50Ton.

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    Catering Equipment made with industrial pressbrakes like this:
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    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change our Pressbrakes page at any time. Always improving. Availability can not be guaranteed and investment amount depends on size and item, unless confirmed with Oom Swannie. Last updated:

    01 Apr 2013.