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Softserve ice cream machines
Ice Cream Machines for sale
Soft Serve Machines for sale

- Charmaine

R12,500 - 1 Flavour ice cream machine for sale - 12 - 16 Liter per hour - Table model
R12,500 - 1 Flavour ice creme machine for sale - 16 Liter per hour - tm
no stock - 2 Flavour + 1 Mix soft serve machine - 16 Liter per hour - tm
R19,000 - 2 Flavour + 1 Mix soft ice machine - 23 Liter per hour - Floor model
no stock - 2 Flavor + 1 Mix Pre-cooling icecream - 28 Liter per hour - fm

(Models BQT115T, BQT118T, BQ323T, BQ323N, BQ323P,BQ323PA, BQ333PA)
(Models BJ168SD, BJ188s, BJ208c)
(Models BQL118, BQL825 - 2016 in stock).
Pictures/Specs and more - to order


tm: Table Model
fm: Floor Model

Photo: ice cream machine for sale - bq323n - Catering Equipment 4 All classifieds
Potato Spiral Cutter
- Johan
Potato Spiral (Johan) R999
(R999 special)
Insured postage included in SA.

Photo: Stainless Potato Spiral cutter with 250 x 20cm bamboo skewers extra in SA - business opportunity. Photo: Stainless Potato Spiral cutter cut spirals on a bamboo stick
ChipDog Cutter
- Johan
ChipDog / Chip Dog (Johan) Spiral potato around a frankfurter or russian
(to prevent confusion - the same cutter also cuts the spiral potatoes)
-- Postage and Insurance INCLUDED in South Africa.
R 999
(Can you sell 99 potatoes??? - then you made your money back already)
Photo: Chipdog - Chip Dog - Spiral potato around a frankfurter
Recipes for Catering Cleaning Detergents
- Johan
Manufacture your own Catering Cleaning Detergents (Johan)
Commercial recipes with South African raw chemical naming conventions
(WITH technical backup from Elmarie with more than 25 years experience in the Chemical industry).


R499 for 30
R870 for 50
R1,370for 90

Photo: Catering Detergents - Manufacture your own - photo
Commercial Spitbraai Details
- Barend
Huge spitbraai / Commercial stainless spit braai - spit motor handles up to 50kg (Barend) R 9,800.00 Photo: Huge stainless steel spitbraai, spit braai or spit roast. Photo: Huge stainless steel spitbraai, spit braai or spit roast.
Popcorn Machines
- Charmaine - JHB and East Rand

8OZ Popcorn Machines - Electric (WareHouse stock)

- Charmaine - R1,900 excl VAT.

- Charmaine - Jhb South/JHB East - also NEW machines - contact for stock check.

(2016 price yes)
Photo: Popcorn Machines - Electrical or Gas
Weighing Scales and Balances
- 2016 Prices - Johan

From digital or electronic scales and balances to dial weighing scales.
Special: Cheap scale - WS30 (30kg capacity at 1g readability) only R799 excl vat (220V and Internal rechargable battery).
Special: CNP60kg and CNP300kg Electronic Platform Scale with neck only R1,999 excl vat

Red scale (Picture on right) is our AQ100/AQ300 and AQ500 mechanical scales.

More than 180 models in stock, all brand new scales.

Full Range Digital weighing scales. Full range Adam scales available. Photo: Balances and weights. Full range Adam balances available.
Household Spitbraais
- Barend
Household spitbraais / Household spit braais (Barend - for big and small units) R 1,799.00 Photo: Household spitbraais, stainless steel spitbraais, spit braais or spit roasts for use at home.
View Details Complete Spaza Fryer unit with wheels Photo: Complete 2 burner Spaza Fryer unit with Wheels, shelf and burner protection 'crash bar'. A business opportunity and spaza shop favourite.
Gas Stove
- Charmaine
Gas Stoves with drip trays / Boiling Tables Photo: Small 2 Burner Boiling Table / Gas Stove with drip tray.
View Details
- Charmaine
Gas Grillers / Gas Grills / Gasbraai Photo: NEW Gas Grillers /Gas Grills for sale.
Gas Braai
- Charmaine
Popular Gas Griller / Gas Grill / Gas Braai
(gas units in Centurion only)
Photo: Popular Gas Griller / Gas Grill for sale. These with 6 burners at a butchery - business opportunity.
- Charmaine
Tabletop Grillers (gas braaiers in Centurion alleenlik). Photo shows a 4 burner tabletop grill for sale
Chicken Rotisserie
- Barend
Chicken rotisserie - 6 to 8 birds Photo: Chicken Spin for 6 to 8 birds.
Push Food Carts
- Charmaine
Food Trolleys - Push Food Carts
  Photo: Hot Dog trolley with fryer and grill - see also our ABSA trolley, beach carts, chicken rotisserie trolley.
Gas Stoves
- Charmaine
Big 3 Burner Boiling Table / Gas Stove Photo: Big 3 Burner Boiling Table / Gas Stove with drip trays and wheels.
View Details Unique South African 'ICE BOX' Photo: Unique South Africa - galvanized Ice Box, seperate inset for ice, steel stand with perspex glass - Tig welded.
Braai 2mm Stainless Steel braai, collapsible Photo: BBQ is made of only Stainless Steel. Russian trick to air the fire. Collapsible legs.
Used Food Trailers for Sale
(Pre-Owned vending trailers)
Classifieds Catering Equipment 4 All
- USED and NEW catering equipment for sale - Classified ads
Photo: From used food trailers with 16 Burner Gas Grill and solid 5mm plates, 3 division gas Bain Marie to small units with 1 gas burner boiling table.

GAUTENG food Trailers

Charmaine - Gauteng(GP)

We build food trailers - Vending Trailer manufacturers - Mobile Kitchens

NEW Food Trailers for sale in Gauteng and surrounds.
Photo: Food trailer with gas griller and gas bain marie
CAPE TOWN food Trailers

Chris - Cape Town(CT)
We build food trailers - Vending Trailer manufacturers - Mobile Kitchens

NEW Food Trailers for sale in Cape Town and around.
Photo: Vending trailer fitted with gas griller and gas bain marie - confirm what you need inside
PORT ELIZABETH food Trailers

We build food trailers - Vending Trailer manufacturers - Mobile Kitchens

2016 - Currently we don't supply from PE
Photo: Sample Mr Flipper pancake trailer - manufacturer of food trailers and carts
View Details
- Barend
Upright chicken rotisserie with stand - (Barend) Photo: Chicken rotisserie, upright with stand.
View Details
- Peter or Charmaine
Sweets Trolley Photo: Sweets trolley, your colour - galv steel. Fine mesh. Sliding doors. Lockable.
Spitbraais (Barend)
- Barend
Household spitbraais / spit braais - (Barend) R 1,799 Photo: Household spitbraais, stainless steel spitbraais, spit braais or spit roasts.
Potato Spiral (Johan)
- Johan
Potato Spiral - (25x20cm skewers included in South Africa as bonus) R 999
(R999 special includes postage and insurance in SA)
Photo: Stainless Potato Spiral with 250 x 40cm bamboo skewers bonus in SA - business opportunity.
Bain Marie Details
- Charmaine
Bain Maries Photo: Bain Marie - Food Warmer in the many forms they are used
Popcorn Machine
- Charmaine
8oz Commercial Popcorn Machine - Electric
Get your courier to collect or we can arrange delivery from the East Rand for bulk orders(just confirm with Charmaine the costs before hand).
Dimensions: 560 x 400 x 710mm
Countertop popcorn machines = 17.5kg
(Currently only Red units available)
R1,900 excl vat
JHB, East Rand
Photo: Popcorn Machines for sale - Electrical ex Pretoria Photo: Popcorn Machine - Electrical ex Pretoria
Biltong Dryer Details
- Barend
Stainless steel Biltong Drier - Biltong Dryers - Biltong makers From R1,370 Photo: Biltong Dryers - Biltong driers, for home or business use - biltong hanging in dryer - Biltong maker in action
Build-in Braais
Freestanding Fireplaces to build-in braais
Wood or Gas
Photo: Free standing fireplaces - Round Glass - Wood - Build-in Fireplaces
Schwarma Machines
- Barend
for all gas models of shwarma/shawarma or schwarma machines From R1,499 Photo: Schwarma Machine - 1 x 3 burner shawarma machine with steak and onion
Trestle Tables for sale
- Charmaine
Trestle folding tables for sale - 1,830 x 760mm - 0.7mm Mild Steel
Grey Powder coated
1,830 x 760mm
R490 excl vat
Photo: Trestle folding table - tn
Stainless steel and Mild steel
- Mike

for Stainless steel Tanks, Hoppers and Mixers:
Industrial equipment and plant machinery for the food, chemical, crushing, milling and mining industry.
Photos and Prices of Industrial Equipment and Machinery available

Photo: Jumbo shaft sinking rig and other industrial equipment - food to mining.

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Canopy extraction hoods and extractor fans

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Spiral Potato cutter photo's Photo: Stainless steel Potato Spiral cutter with 250 x 40cm bamboo skewers bonus in SA - business opportunity. - Business opportunity with NO franchise fees

Spitbraai and spit braai photo's

Mobile food vending trailers - photo's

Oom Swannie for Industrial Equipment pre-owned or new
(Industrial Equipment needed to make Catering Equipment and anything anything else you see on our website)
Pressbrakes GuillotineSheet RollersLockformersprees brake - exactilitystraight folder - all sizes

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