South African Invoice - Spiral Potato Cutter


For ONE Cutter

This is a default invoice for 1 Spiral Potato stainless steel/aliminium manual cutter. (No plastic units here, only commercial spiral cutters).
For South Africa Post Office insured mail, delivery anywhere in South Africa. (with a tracking number)

November 2016 - Currently we have no stock. Send us an email, and we'll let you know when we have stock.
Which will only be in December. (Reason: The guy that made them for us during the last 10 years is taking a break and we ran out of inventory.)

============================================================================ Spiral potatoes being deep fried in oil

For more pictures and info: Please follow this link to the Spiral Potato main page

-> one commercial Spiral potato cutter & 25x20cm bamboo skewers ONLY R999 (Postage and Insurance included)

-> een kommersiele Spiraal aartappel snyer & 25x20cm bamboes stokkies SLEGS R999 (Versekerde Posgeld ingesluit)

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Click here to download or Open - The 2016 Spiral invoice - for delivery anywhere in South Africa - R999 (Word document)

For an Extra 250 x 20cm bamboo skewers = (R75)R63 and add R12 for extra postage


Banking Details (And then just download the invoice for your records):

Standard Bank: CASH or EFT or ATM deposito
JD Welgemoed, E-Plus Account(Savings)
Acc Number: 181160684
Branch: 050220 (Burgersdorp)


FNB: EFT or ATM deposito
JD Welgemoed, 32 Day Interest Plus Acc(savings)
Acc Number: 74232715993
Branch: 210320 (Burgersdorp)


(For Speedservices you'll need to add R200 or You can always send your own Couriers to collect from Burgersdorp, Eastern Cape).


Current selling price of a spiral potato in South Africa:
Schools events = R5 to R10
Standard price = R10 to R15
Coastal holiday prices = R15 to R30
Restaurant - whatever - to fit your menu.

For Chipdogs charge even more, because of the russian/frankfurter inside.

Please note on the 1m long spirals talk to Johan first, as you'll need the deep fryers to handle that length.





----------South African Special Prices apply - see invoices-----------

Right click and "Save Target As.." to save the invoice on your computer.
Click here to download - The Spiral invoice - for delivery anywhere in South Africa - WORD document. - R999

Click here to download - The Spiral invoice - for SPEED SERVICES COURIER anywhere in South Africa - WORD document. - R1,200
(South African Post Office/Speed services rules apply).






Thanks for the enquiry.

The simple process of ordering a potato spiral cutter.
- Please download the Microsoft Word document above for the banking details.
- Contact me with any questions (via email or by phone)
- Make the payment - please use you cell number as a reference
- SMS your Name and address from the same cell number to me
- Within the next 2 working days after the funds clear into the account, we post the spiral/skewers
---(Please note that currently the Post Office under new management only collects parcels/postage Tuesdays and Thursdays from Burgersdorp, Eastern Cape)---
- We forward the tracking number to you

Once you receive the unit(with a 2 year parts replacement guarantee), please feel free to contact me anytime with questions and for advice.

Johan Welgemoed
083 571-2699 - for pictures of this business opportunity


Please Email: -
083 571-2699
Please remember, we post the spirals the next postage day after the funds clear into the account.

Currently all spirals are distributed from Burgersdorp, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

  • Potato Spiral ready for the oil
  • Tornado potato - deep fry at 180/200 degree Celcius - 2 to 3 minutes (Remember oil temp drop with each potato entry)
twisted chip cutter

The prices below is if you want extra cutters or skewers to be added to your existing order..

South Africa - Local postage = Included in the normal price above is R86 for a Spiral and the 25 x 20cm bonus skewers on the normal orders.
For an Extra 250x20cm bamboo skewers = R62 and add R13 extra postage.

Typical spice flavours in South Africa would be:

  • Salt and Vinegar spice
  • Sour Cream spice
  • BBQ spice
  • Chaka-laka spice (hot)
  • Biltong flavoured spices

  • Try Freddy Hirsch or Crown National to see what spices your nearest branch can give you. Do 1023 for telkom directory enquiry to get the closest branch to you.
    Crown National also supply the skewers. Our cutters can handle ANY LENGHT, but ask for 5mm skewers.
    (The new 1m machine only use 6mm skewers/dowles - and is not mentioned on this page yet).

    Maintenance: Our stainless steel chip slicer, does not rust, no plastic to break and no springs to go soft. This is a commercial unit, and our Warranty/Guarantee can be seen below.

    Warranty/Guarantee: I, the manufacturer, will replace any part that prevents the potato cutting machine from cutting potatoes onto a 5mm skewer in a spiral shape. This potato chip machine don't have problems, so before putting a screwdriver/jack hammer to it, Contact me first, as it can save you the postage. We have a 100% satisfied client base, so we can extend this warranty to YOU, for 2 years. Normal maintenance of course: clean and oil after functions, and tighten nuts when needed with 2 'L'-keys.(not included).

    Why Guarantee the pototao cutter for 2 years, and not just 1 year? - After 2 years you've either never used the unit, so it will outlive you - or you've made so much money from this little business opportunity, that you are retiring and never want to see a potato again in you whole life and will sell your existing spiral cutter(and business) to the next guy, and make an extra bundle in the process.

    (To explain: if something is not to your liking - give us a call. I, Johan Welgemoed, will personally take your call and walk you through the process. We only turn the phone off during our sleeping ours, as China and Japan seems to think that during their daytime we want to buy investments and insurance(normally 4am in the morning for us in South Africa)). No problem could not be resolved yet.

    Finally: Someone(Local South African) ordered a cutter from me on 30 August 2010. He only used his name as the reference when doing the Bank Payment, but I never got any further postage details or contact details from them afterwards. PLEASE contact me.


    We reserve the right to change anything at 'Catering Equipment 4 All' at any time. Always improving our service, since we don't need to improve on the spiral cutter or the chipdog cutter. Since 2003.
    -- E & OE

    Page last updated:

    01 Nov 2016

    (Our same commercial stainless/aluminium potato spin machines make Chipdogs and Normal rotated potatoes to Work from Home as a fast food business opportunity without the fear of broken plastic equipment - we give a 3 year warranty(Parts replacement)).
    Chip dog - Any size you like Chipdog to chipdogs - bitesize to foot long plus - the same cutter is used for these chipdogs(tater dogs) also. So the tool you need to make these chipdogs will not even cost R50. (Buy a spiral and we'll tell you how to extend your business to include these chip dogs.)