FREE draw - Spiral Potato Cutter

Spiral Potato Chips

So easy, just enter the FREE Draw for this Spiral Potato cutter by doing the following: Spicy Spiral project

  • Email and in the
  • Make the email subject Draw.
  • Give me your Name inside the email body.

  • And that is how easy it is to enter the draw for a free spiral potato cutter.

    The April 2009 draw is being finalized)
    The Oct 2008 triple draw results: Each winning a Spiral Cutter.
    - Kela Makwetla
    - Irfaan Taupas
    - Anesh Thulasee
    (These people have been notified to send their addresses - they have 1 week to do so)
    Thanks for all the entries received, all entries will be forwarded to the next draw also.

    Closing Date for next FREE draw = 31 October 2009



    The bonus: we'll also enter you into all future draws, no effort.

    (You will get an automated reply confirming your entry immediately - if you DO NOT GET THE REPLY, please check that you sent the email to the correct address - thanks.)


    What can I win?

    Good question:
    If the winner is in South Africa, we include 250x40cm bamboo skewers as an extra bonus.
    If one of our foreign friends are the lucky one, we only give the standard stainless steel/aliminium spiral cutter for free.(2 short skewers included overseas as samples)

    Costs to the winner:
    Nothing - We even pay for the packaging & postage & insurance. (see list of insurable countries)
    (So when I say FREE, it is truly a free entry, you just enter the draw, and 'hold your thumbs' for good luck.)
    The South African Post Office only can take insured parcels to the following countries - South African Post Office can insure parcels to these countries only - so postage fees for these countries are included for the winners - countries not on this list can arrange their own couriers or arrange for a friend/family in one of the insurable countries to receive the parcel on their behalve.

    OK, the business opportunity to make ZAR1 000, value of this commercial potato cutter, during one school event is also free.
    The Spiral cutter below could be yours! Just enter by sending that email.

    Photo: Spiral Potato on a 40cm bamboo skewer

    the Previous FREE draws

    The 30 April 2007 draw: Billy Rautenbach was the winner.

    We thank SAPS Captain ZT Mthembu for his service to the public. He drew the winning ticket for our 4th July 2006 draw. The draw was done on the 7th July 2006.

    Hierdie keer bedank ons vir Kaptein JP Pretorius van die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisiediens in Burgersdorp(Oos Kaap). Sy het die wen kaartjie van die October 2006 spiraal trekking gedoen op die 3de November 2006.

    For the 30th April 2007 draw Inspector C Carstens of the South African Police Services in Burgersdorp(Eastern Cape) did us the honour. The draw was done on the 3rd of May 2007.

    All entries received up to the 30th of April 2007 has been accepted.

    All entries from our previous draws will be resubmitted for the next draw. The next FREE draw (extended date) = 30 November 2007.
    If you do not receive a confirmation of your entry before the draw(2 days), please resubmit your entry.
    We will NOT give your info to a 3rd party, period.

    The winner of the 4th July 2006 draw was Raksha Mc Namara from Pretoria, South Africa.
    The winner of the 31th October 2006 draw was Deidre Carter from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
    We thank our winners and everyone else who entered for these free draws.

    Photo: Captain Mthembu doing the 4th July 2006 draw

    Photo: Captain Mthembu - the 4th July 2006 free draw

    Photo: Captain Mthembu of the SAPS

    Photo: Captain Pretorius of the SAPS free drawKaptein Pretorius, Burgersdorp SAPD

    Photo: Inspector C Carstens - Burgersdorp SAPD free spiral potato draw Inspector C Carstens - Burgersdorp SAPS

    The link to our home page, find and view all our products from here.

  • The 'Catering Equipment 4 All' home page.

  • Anyone else giving away free businesses opportunities, let's ask:

    Spiral potato facts.

    • Investment Amount: R999
    • Stainless Steel
    • Manual
    • Easy to clean
    • 250 x 40cm bamboo skewers as an extra bonus free in SA
    • Cost per potato +-R1 - Rest is profit
    • ROI = Sell only 250 potatoes at R4 profit (How long will it take You??)
    Photo: Twisted Chip / Spiral halfway

    For a step by step explanation, with pictures, of how this spiral machine works. Follow this link to The Spiral page. You have been shown what to use to make money, now it is in your hands.

    This is just one of our products, please have a look at the other products by following this link to The 'Catering Equipment 4 All' home page. From there you can find the contact details. Order your potato Spiral machine now:

    Johan Welgemoed : +27 83 571-2699
    Email : (for orders/enquiries only, NOT for entries)

    To buy a Spiral cutter

    For visitors not from our beautiful South Africa:
    Unless stated, we don't include the 250 skewers. (South African Postage fees is a killer)

    If you want to buy a potato cutter, the investment amount of a twisted Potato Spiral cutter:

    R999 - Only the spiral cutter(I'll include a few skewers as a sample)
    R390 - Postage (Air Mail and Insurance)
    R105 - Banking costs on my side for the forex transaction
    R1,494 = Total amount


    The South African bank is buying(for me) your money from you, so look at the buying columns.

    see for the current rates

    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.05 = US$1 - 10 May 2006)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.72 = US$1 - 11 June 2006)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.96 = US$1 - 05 July 2006)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR7.22 = US$1 - 01 November 2006)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.82 = US$1 - 03 January 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR7.29 = US$1 - 20 March 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.87 = US$1 - 03 May 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.79 = US$1 - 14 May 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.88 = US$1 - 04 July 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.64 = US$1 - 11 Oct 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.37 = US$1 - 08 Nov 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.71 = US$1 - 26 Nov 2007)
    US Dollar (Exchange ZAR6.98 = US$1 - 25 Jan 2008)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR7.97 = US$1 - 25 March 2008)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR7.57 = US$1 - 09 August 2008)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR7.76 = US$1 - 09 September 2008) - Then it was USD193
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR10.10 = US$1 - 21 October 2008)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR9.73 = US$1 - 30 October 2008)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR9.58 = US$1 - 03 November 2008)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR10.30 = US$1 - 21 November 2008)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR10.08 = US$1 - 13 January 2009)
    US Dollar (Exchange rate ZAR9.34 = US$1 - 26 March 2009)
    US Dollar = 159 (Exchange ZAR8.36 = US$1 - 09 May 2009) - USD178

    For most countries - an almost exact exchange rate see (give or take a Dollar)
    (remember buying and selling foreign currency is not the same amount - your bank will help you)


    For South Africans: Local postage = R59 for a Spiral and 250 x 20cm skewers.
    For some Extra skewers, costs = R50 for 250x20cm and postage = R9.99(Add this to the R59).

    Tracking the parcel

    Postage via Air Mail will usually take between 3 and 4 weeks to our friends abroad.

    The tracking number will be emailed to you, and it should reflect within 24 hours on the Post Office system.
  • See - then look under
  • "online tools" at
  • "Track and Trace".

    For South Africa Post Office speed services(Domestic/Natianal only) for our chip cutters, see:
  • and click on
  • "Track an item".
  • Then enter the tracking number.
    (If the SAPO speed services is used for international parcels, see with the tracking number)

    We use FEDEX Express for international speed courier services:
  • Under Track go to "Track by Tracking Number"

    We don't use DHL anymore, but if you have an account and want to use them, just let us know:
    For DHL Express - Last option, very expensive - DHL promise 4 working days to your doorstep, but it can take up to 6(six) days before they collect from me. (Collections in my hometown only Tuesdays and Thursdays - so if I contact them on Thursday, they'll only collect on Tuesday. Then it'll take another day or 2 to get to Johannesburg, and only THEN will it be 4 working days.)
  • Replace "DHL air Waybill" with the tracking number suplied by me and press go.
    (This is on the top left of the page - under 'Fast Track')

    South Africa - Local postage = R59 for a Spiral and 250 skewers. For an Extra 250 skewers add R9,99 extra postage to the above.

    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change anything at 'Catering Equipment 4 All' at any time. Always improving or having free draws for more potato spiral machines. Page last updated:

    09 May 2009

    Anyone else giving away anything for free - like a business opportunity?