We are a supplier of catering equipment:

Gas Grillers to Food vending trailers: We manufacture catering equipment for the unique South African market. A gas braai or Food trolley for anyone?

Welcome to our Junk Mail friends, please follow the link below to our Food Trailers.

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Photo: 1 x spiral potato cutter and 1 x spiral potato on a stick - happy Catering Equipment 4 All clients will eat

We also supply to the catering dealers, but you can buy at the same excellent price.

You have a unique concept in mind, but no-one to produce this product, talk to us. If catering equipment is foreign territory to you, please, help is yours for the asking.

From food trailers to gas stoves - Have a look at our products, see what you like, or would like changed for your specific need and give us a call. We stay next to the factory, so business hours extend to almost 24hours a day, so come on over and see the products for real.

Our specialty is gas equipment. This extends the range of business opportunities to the unlimited. No more power cuts, or worse, no electricity at all. Currently we do not manufacture electrical equipment ourselves.

Photo: Food Catering Trailer - get your catering supplies from us

Let me give you a quick run down of what you will find on the next few pages:

  • Gas grillers or gas grills - from table models to the normal 900mm ones. Have one standing in front of your butchery - free braai if you buy inside or impress your friends in your lapa. Do you want an all Stainless steel griller?

  • Spaza Deep Fryers - These are power units, with many uses. See under Business opportunity for some ideas on this one where rentals are a main source of income - for the investor type person. Otherwise normal spaza shops get plenty of value.

  • Gas Stoves or Boiling tables - From 2 burner to 4 burner. Restaurant equipment or spaza shop needs comes in all shapes and sizes for 'pap en sous' etc.

  • Chicken rotisseries - or Chicken spin as they are called by some of our clients. A tabletop rotisserie with a lid to double as a food warmer or an upright model where the chicken rotissery acts as a display magnet to pull clients into your business.
  • Photo: Happy Spaza Shop owner with gas Spaza Deep Fryer
  • Spitbraai - Braai that leg of lamb or combination on the spit as part of a business, family or fun gathering. Or see our huge spitbraai for commercial purposes.

  • Stainless steel braai or bbq - All s/steel, with a beautiful russian trick. Will last a 100 years.

  • Food trolleys - Any food cart you want to live out your dreams, as a business unit. Or sweets trolley for school functions. Or chicken rotisserie trolley with pull-out bain marie, or the yellow unit with beach/grass tyres or the hot dog trolley or the ABSA unit.

  • Potato spiral machine - We have a patented machine for those very popular spiral chips. If you have been to Bruma Lake flea market, or basically anywhere in South Africa at functions since 2003 - most of these machines were supplied by us. A business opportunity just waiting to increase your money. We don't franchise these, so you can sell these chips anywhere.

  • Multi Division gas bain marie, separate or as part of a food trailer. We can build the food vending trailer or food stand for you, or just do the equipment.

  • Canopies from 1,2m for our spaza deep fryers(For a spaza shop or container) to an extraction canopy unit of 3,5m for some serious catering activities - a heavy duty canopy?

  • This is just a few of our products, please have a look at the catering equipment pictures and descriptions. AND email me for more free information and details. Or just phone that order for your catering supplies through.

    Photo: Sweets Trolley or Food Trolleys Photo: Catering Equipment - Spaza Shop owner Photo: Commercial spitbraai

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    Mobile Catering services for functions. Let our clients manage the food for your catering events.

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