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We manufacture food trailers. What catering trailer would you like to have? and we'll forward you the contact numbers of the trailer builders. Please indicate which area - for new trailers or used ones please.

'We' or 'I' on this trailer webpage imply independant trailer builders, since we forward your details to the correct person who will look after your catering needs.

As independant suppliers - Please note that different vending trailer models are available from Charmaine(GP - Gauteng), Chris(CT - Cape Town) or Peter(PE - Port Elizabeth) and other manufacturers and their teams(independent trailer builders or hospitality equipment suppliers and manufacturers, so you'll deal directly with them - from 26 Aug 2009). Confirm catering equipment included with each trailer, in writing, before handing over any funds.

Charmaine - (072)286-9877

Pre-BUILD trailers available:

Normally we got a few standard units available for immediate collection. Confirm with them a time for viewing to make sure these pre-built kitchens are what you had in mind. For your own designs, also visit this page for more details. (Page opens in news window).
GAUTENG Manufacturer: Ready build foodtrailers - Manufacturer in Gauteng(close to Gold Reef City) for pics and contact details .

CAPE TOWN Manufacturer: Ready build foodtrailers - Manufacturer in Cape Town for pics and contact details .

For all our Trailer manufacturers in Cape Town, Gauteng and Port Elizabeth(already supplying franchise units) - please give a few extra days to upload and get all the pictures and info in place on the new catering equipment classified ads pages. For now, just email me and state in which area you would like a new trailer.
Email(copy and paste in your email - thanks):


Pre-owned trailers:

USED vending trailers/USED mobile kitchens/USED food trailers FOR SALE: pre-owned vending trailer Classified ads for pics and details.

We sell pre-owned food trailers - even if they were NOT built by us.
Our Catering Equipment Classifieds went live, and we are adding used food wagons daily. If you want to sell your mobile restaurant, email me directly:
Email - Used Trailer to sell - contact Johan ----> We will also email all outstanding enquiries after we've uploaded all the relevant units to notify them of these 2nd hand food vending units for sale. From very small to mega sized, empty to fully loaded - blank to branded - we cover them all.

List of used food trailers for sale/ immediately available

Used food trailers for sale - Details on Currently available units
Title Price Where Picture
Sold: Bite Me, 6m x 2m R46,000 Empangeni Photo: Bite Me - Empangeni - 6m by 2m trailer
Sold: Red Vending Trailer R15,000 Centurion, JHB Photo: vending trailer - all read
Sold: Sausage King R45,000 Roodepoort, JHB Photo: chanllenger kiosk - sausage king branded
Sold: Spirals and Spuds R49,500 Pretoria Photo: spirals and spuds branded trailer
Sold: Swiss Cottage Bistro R65,000 St. Helena Bay, CT Photo: swiss cottage lookalike trailer in cape town area for sale
Sold: Umkomaas, 6.5m R80,000 Umkomaas, KZN Photo: Mobile kitchen in Umkomaas, KZN for sale

See the link above these small pictures for pics and information of used food concession stands. From these classified ads for used vending wagons/trucks you can request more info. Have a look.

Mobile restaurants: The concept - You have a serious truck or food wagon cooking dishes in the background. Folding chairs, tables and umbrellas can be transported, as long as it is secured in position during transport. The restaurant comes complete with all you'll expect in a fixed location. The beauty is, you can go to the top spots in your area, and impress your patrons with your view. One option is to have a membership list, and exclusively cater to these people, at a different location every week. Or food trails, where each stop have a different dish(and excellent view). Anyway, you get the idea....

SOLD - We had a 2nd hand Chipstix branded trailer sold for ONLY R47,500
SOLD: Wedding/Funeral 2nd hand trailer sold for R21,000
SOLD: The 6m imported from Germany trailer sold for R70,000.
OLD info on units sold SOLD - no active deals just for pics and ideas.

Photo: Catering Trailer - red and yellow front Photo: Food Trailer - red and yellow back

With 2010 gone, we are seeing an increase in 2nd-hand branded mobile catering kitchen unit sales. As a mobile kitchen manufacturer, we can guide you with your own business, but if you would like to be told exactly what/where and how to sell food, you might be better off as a franchisee or contact a dealership for these type of businesses, but expect to pay for the hand holding. We have access to a few of our clients that are putting a trademark and branding on their vending trailers. They sort out all the details, you just make money. We are even waiting on some paperwork from a supplier willing to finance their trailers to YOU. (Terms, Conditions, Rules and regs apply off course - will keep you posted).

With mobile food you can just pack up and go, to find another spot if your current location is not giving you the desired results. For food trolleys or food carts, please visit our Food Carts page for photo's, ideas and prices.

Typical Trailer layout.

Photo: Standard mobile kitchen layout

Contact Charmaine (trailer builder near Gold Reef City - JHB), for a quote for any size trailer you want. Standard size is 2,5m x 1,8m unit.
(The actual length = 3,85m but the workable body = 2,5m)

We removed the information sheet on what standard trailers have inside. Get this info directly from the independant trailer builders.
Please email

A Typical basic trailer layout - remember, each trailer builder will quote you directly for your own trailer:
6 x Burner gas griller
1 x Removable Solid plate for the gas grill
1 x Boiling Table (gas stove)
2 x Deep Fryers (2 x 10 Liter pans)
3 x Bain Marie - you just buy the inserts
Prep and Serving area
Washing Basins for health regulations
All areas where food touch is made with Stainless steel
2K car paint - you decide the colours

Registered, you just do the change of ownership and get the license disc. Remember to only buy 1 number plate, bring it with when collecting the trailer.
On the hawkers license - go to your local municipality and ask them the requirements. There should be nothing funny, just read the material they give you. ONLY twice did some of our clients have a problem with a bad apple. DO NOT bribe them and DO NOT get cross, get their name and if you can get them to sign a paper stating what they told you, just go over their heads.
The hawkers licence range from R150 per year to R100 per month. Depends on where you are.

Contact number

To view, discuss or order a trailer - please state area(closest city):
Email - Info:
Charmaine in Johannesburg - viewing at the trailer factory by pre-arrangement only. Plans to keep, other people to see.

Although our trailers are priced very well for the value it represents, we know that it could be a big chunk of pension money or represent your life's savings. With that in mind, pre-dated bank guaranteed cheques will be accepted as part of the deposit.
This way, the cheque confirms the order, but it can not be cashed until, say 3 weeks later. You then come and see the progress of your food trailer before the 3 weeks is up. If you are happy and production is as promised, you just bring the outstanding amount on collection. If not, cancel the cheque. (This is not an escape clause if you 'just decided' you don't want the trailer anymore). Any additional catering equipment that was made for your trailer - as add-ons to the basic trailer - will not be covered by this clause, unless discussed with us first.

This way you can sleep easy.

The planning is to build stock food kiosk trailers, as the most popular mobile kitchens are all the same.

The link to our home page from where you can find and view more of our products.

  • The '' home page.

  • Trailer opposition??

    Jacques, in Cape Town, has been removed(2009) from our website due to poor service and slow delivery(emails exist to confirm this). We are giving Chris and his team a chance(from Nov 2010) as a supplier in Cape Town for mobile food kiosks.

    If there is any food trailer builders advertising with Google, they will be displayed below. I have no filters to block any mobile kitchen trailer builders. So you can compare us with anyone else - because I know you'll be back. (Concession trailers abroad might give you some ideas, so enhance your own business idea.)

    Trailer facts.

    - More trailer facts still to come, but for now ...

    Health regulations:
    All provinces except the Eastern Cape to have 2 washing basins (1 Nov 2005).
    (East London wants only 1 bigger basin)
    Keep your unit clean, think about it.....Will you buy food at a filthy unit? See this as YOUR mobile food business.

    On SABS trailer regulations: (1 Jan 2006)
    Yellow reflecting tape must be without gaps on the sides(from the coupler to the back).
    Trailers must have a chevron board at the back, with only 2 red reflectors.
    Smaller trailers must have a solid yellow strip, with the existing 7 red reflectors.
    Axles must show the weight capacity.

  • Some pics of our most popular sized trailers.

  • Photo: Trailer prep s/steel area

    This is just one range of our products, please have a look at the other products by following this link to The 'Catering Equipment 4 All' home page. From there you can find our contact details to order your catering supplies. OR if you can't wait:

    Email :
    Charmaine - (072)286-9877 - Viewing in Johannesburg, arrange beforehand.

    Photo: Concession Trailers
    - Inside of a clean Concession Trailer

    Photo: 2K painted - white trailer

    More 2,5m x 1,8m trailers:

    Photo: Looking into serving hatch

    The washing basins, 1 for your hands and 1 for the utensils. Drain pipes go outside to dispose of the water.

    Photo: Washing basins in all our food Trailers

    Our 16 Bird Chicken Rotisserie trailer next to big Brother(4m x 1,8m).

    Photo: Chicken Rotisserie trailer and big 'All-Rounder' brother

    Inside the 4m x 1,8m trailer:
    What would you like to have in your unit?
    Standard unit + extra space, extra work areas and extra units.
    A freezer can be fitted.
    Washing basins for health regulations
    Galvanised sliding doors underneath for storage space
    2 Hatches(per side) opening upwards, secured with latches
    This is a serious kitchen on wheels

    Photo: Our big 'All-Rounder'

    ...looking for something that is fully rigged-out, something that I just need to put the signage on, gas and go - Gordon Gregory


    Charmaine - (072)286-9877

    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change anything at '' at any time. Always improving our mobile kitchen food trailers in South Africa.
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    Photo: Trailer 3 colours Photo: Shwarma machine in Trailer 3 colours Photo: Hamburger Trailer 2 colours Photo: Funeral food Trailer - Wedding food trailer 2 colours Photo: Hot Dog Trailer 1 colour Photo: Coffee Trailer and Malawi Trailer white Photo: 1 of the Cape Town Trailers