Spiral Potato Cutters to the USA


Invoices for orders to the United States of America ONLY

Please find the invoices for orders of the Spiral Potato Cutter business opportunity below. ONLY for postage to the USA(United States of America). This is for insured Airmail parcels via the South African Post Office.

The simple process of ordering a potato spiral cutter:
- Please find a Word document below, with the banking details needed by your bank - print the document(3 pages) and take it with you to the bank.
- Contact me with any questions (via email or by phone)
- Make the payment via TeleTransfer(your local bank)
- Forward your contact number and full address to me - including ZIP code
- The next working day after the funds clear into the account, we post the spiral(s)
- We forward the tracking number to you

Once you receive the unit(with a 2 year parts replacement guarantee), you can contact me anytime with questions or for advice. (We offer 2 years because we had ZERO problems in the last 5 years).

See http://www.xe.com/ucc for an indication of the current exchange rate in USD(US$).

Airmail postage/delivery, including internal mail and customs, should take max 3 weeks. (The current average time to the US is about 10days).

Currently www.MoneyBookers.com does not allow payments from the USA to international countries. (Moneybookers also dropped by Ebay as an International option.) PayPal does not allow payments for South Africa either. TeleTransfer, VIA YOUR BANK, is the savest and only take on average 2 working days to South Africa.

Johan Welgemoed
+27 83 571-2699
www.CateringEquipment4All.co.za/spiral.html - for pictures of this business opportunity

United States of America - USA - (right-click and 'Save target as' - for your bank) - These are Word documents.


Invoice for ordering 1 spiral chip cutter to the USA ONLY (invoice for one spiral potato cutter)

Invoice for ordering 2 spiral potato chip cutters to the USA ONLY (invoice for two spiral potato cutters)


To order your spiral cutter:
Johan : +27 83 571-2699
Email : Spirals@CateringEquipment4All.co.za
Currently all spirals are distributed from Burgersdorp, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

This is a picture of the Spiral potato chipper that you will receive, with 2 sample bamboo skewers - 5mm in diameter.
Photo: Spiral Potato Chipper and bamboo skewers

The link to our Spiral Potato Chipper page with step-by-step photo's and order/exchange rate info.

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