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Videos on the Warrior Washdown Industrial Scales

Adam Equipment Warrior Washdown Industrial Scales: 

Info/Videos with the inside scope on the Adam Equipment Warrior Washdown Industrial scales we have for sale. Available in South Africa.

For tough wash-down and cleanroom environments the Warrior Washdown Industrial Scales are the perfect solution with their solid stainless steel construction of the base and rugged indicator to provide durability.

Prices in South Africa for these Warrior dust and water resistant scales – more info on the different models:
Warrior Scale prices – from 8kg to 150kg…

This Adam Equipment training video is a overview of the Warrior bench and floor washdown range of scales.
2:24 – 2 minutes: 24 seconds


Adam Equipment’s Warrior Scales – Parts Counting

Video showing how to do parts counting on a Warrior washdown scale.
0:46 — Only 46 seconds to show you how simple it really is to count items.


Adam Equipment’s Warrior Scales – Dynamic Weighing Function

Video showing how to use dynamic weighing / animal weighing on the warrior washdown range of scale. This for moving objects like liquid, animals or where heavy machinery operates close by.


Adam Equipment’s Warrior Scales – Check Weighing Function

Video shows how to set the check weighing function on the Warrior scale. This function is normally used when checking samples for target weights – so if something weighs less or more than your pre-defined range, the lights will show and/or you can set an alarm to sound. Used in Quality control.


Link to South African Prices on the Warrior page with more specs on the different models:
Warrior Scale PRICES – from 8kg to 150kg…

Brochures – for the originals, please email SCALES@CateringEquipment4All.co.za

Johan – (083)571-2699



Warrior Washdown Industrial Scales Brochure – CateringEquipment4All.co.za

Warrior Wash-Down Scales

Warrior scales meet the demands of tough wash-down and cleanroom environments. Solid grade 304 stainless steel construction of the base and indicator provide rugged durability. IP66-rated, the Warrior comes with all the features necessary to perform a variety of functions in the food, pharmaceutical, veterinary and manufacturing industries.

The check-weighing function, with coloured LED lights, makes smooth work of precisely weighing repetitive samples. Other  application modes available on all Warrior models are parts counting, percentage weighing and dynamic weighing. The large vivid display is backlit for easy reading, reducing the chance of errors when transcribing data. With data output via a RS-232 connector and optional relay triggers, the Warrior can be set to control other devices. It is loaded with smart features you rely on Adam to deliver.
With more than 40 years of experience in the production of weighing
instruments, you can trust Adam for quality products that offer a range of
features designed for a variety of applications.


pic: Warrior_brochure_CateringEquipment4All_co_za_002


Warrior Highlights:

With its IP66-rated stainless steel indicator and IP67-rated load cell, cleaning is quick and easy with a simple hosing.
LED indicators streamline check-weighing activities. Indicators for high, low and OK show the user what to do, making for faster, more accurate check-weighing procedures.
The efficiently designed keypad with colour-coded keys and symbols facilitates quick recognition of the most frequently used  functions. Push-button keys are large and well-positioned, minimising the chance of errors.
Its adjustable indicator can be set to any angle, and the indicator can be rotated 360 degrees. A large backlit display and capacity tracker monitor weight limits to help protect from overloads.
The Warrior offers six weighing units and six weighing modes, including dynamic weighing for measuring moving objects such as  liquids or animals, parts counting to perform inventory checks, percentage weighing, check counting and check weighing.

Rugged wash-down design and numerous features combine in an elegant yet robust weighing scale

Warrior washdown scale Features:

• Six weighing units (g, kg, lb, oz, lb:oz, N)
• Colour-coded keypad with symbols and text
• Display/hold function
• Large backlit display with capacity tracker
• Adjustable indicator for ultimate viewing angle
• Non-slip rubber feet
• Grade 304 stainless steel construction
• IP66-rated indicator and IP67-rated load cell for wash-down and dust protection
• Check-weighing LED indicators
• External automatic calibration
• RS-232 data output for connection to computers and printers
• Optional expansion unit for relay output
• Rechargeable battery with up to 90 hours of operation on a single charge
• Adjustable auto-sleep/power-down setting to save battery life

Warrior scale Applications:
• Weighing
• Parts-counting
• Check-weighing
• Animal/dynamic weighing
• Percentage-weighing
• Check-counting

No. 1120011156 ATP printer
No. 3123011281 ATP thermal paper (10 pack)
No. 700000012 Adam printer
No. 400005055 Adam printer thermal paper (5 pack)
No. 600002028 AdamDU – data collection program
No. 1100011297 External relay output box

Technical Specifications:

warrior washdown scale technical specs in table form

warrior washdown scale technical specs in table form


To order any of these very popular Warrior washdown scales today, please visit
the Warrior Scale PRICES PAGE – from 8kg to 150kg…